Thursday, November 18, 2010

For the record

Here is why I'm thinking he may be gay.

First found porn almost 10 years ago, it was women with beautiful hair, makeup, breasts, oh, but they also have a cock!  The main theme of the clips were the person being fucked while jacking off.  I thought, hmmmm, thats odd.

Have found more sites a few years ago, guess what?  Same thing.  So does it qualify as gay porn if the person appears to be a woman, halfway?  Of all the porn, there has MAYBE been pussy once.

Recently I found the same thing again, same fucking thing.

Also in the last year he has said that he can't get erections.  He finally got a prescription from his doctor for a "helper".  Hasn't taken it once.

I know none of this is evidence, just wanted to get someones opinion.  Its been my life for so long that it's my "normal".

What do you think?


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